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Kawasaki ZX-6R Riding Experiences


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Ducati Indonesia New Variant Product Launch

Hari Minggu (18/10) ada kemeriahan buat kalangan bikers kelas premium, tepatnya di Mall Pluit Junction di Jakarta Utara.
Yang ditunggu-tunggu akhirnya datang juga, PT  Supermoto Indonesia sebagai ATPM motor Ducati asal negara pembuat pizza memperkenalkan varian terbarunya, yaitu motor sport Ducati Streetfighter dan Ducati 1198.
Acara yang harusnya dimulai jam 10 pagi ternyata baru mulai jam 11.30 yah seperti biasa di Indonesia budaya jam karetnya masih sangat kental hehehe…
Acara dibuka oleh MC yang langsung mempersilahkan Bapak A.S. Nugroho, Presiden Direktur PT Supermoto Indonesia untuk memberi sambutan. Dalam sambutannya Bpk Nugroho sempat menyinggung akan kemungkinan product motor Ducati kedepannya akan dibuat secara CKD (completely knock down) dimana motor motor tersebut akan di rakit di Indonesia sehingga dapat menekan biaya yang dimana akan berpengaruh terhadap harga jual yang diharapkan akan menjadi lebih murah dibandingkan saat ini.
Ducati Streetfighter
Ducati 1198
Terlihat yang hadir dilokasi ada anggota klub motor dari DDOCI (Ducati Desmo Owners Club Indonesia), Vendetta Moto, HTML (Honda Tiger Mailing List), BTO (Batavia Tigers Organization), YSC (Yamaha Scorpio Club) dan juga Tentunya KoBOI (Komunitas Blogger Otomotif Indonesia.
Tampak hadir juga artis sekaligus bikers Ducati, Ari  Wibowo yang menjadi sorotan para tamu yang hadir, sayang ya Gunawan, Adjie Pangestu dan Okan Kornelius tidak nampak hadir.
Acara launching itu sendiri berjalan sangat lancar, ramai, dan boleh dibilang sebagai acara gathering-nya  para bikers motor sport atau motor naked bike. Namun ada satu kritikan buat si empunya acara, terlihat acara kurang persiapan seperti mendadak dan kurang terlihat greget dan menggigit.
Sebuah PR baru buat Divisi Marketing Communication dan Creative PT Supermoto Indonesia. Mungkin kalo ada lowongan untuk Divisi tersebut gw siap melamar deh supaya next event bisa lebih Okay! hehehe
Oleh oleh dari Acara
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Ducati presents 2010 innovations

Finally unveiled, world preview of the new and eagerly anticipated Multistrada 1200.
Also new for 2010: new "Corse" livery for the 1198, two new Hypermotard 1000evo models and technical advances in the Monster family. As is tradition prior to the opening of the EICMA show, Ducati has officially revealed the innovations of its 2010 product range.
Dream bikes, the fruit of Italian ingenuity and creativity, and destined to become new points of reference on the international market, are ready to take the spotlight at EICMA 2009.
Before the unveiling of the 2010 line-up, the new Ducati Corse logo was presented to the international press, an evolution of the historic brand in the form of a new graphic, following on from the launch of the new Ducati logo at last year's EICMA show.
The undeniable star is the eagerly awaited Ducati Multistrada 1200, already in the running to take the prize for "best bike in show."
Faithful to the original intuition, which combined sport bike technology with comfort and versatility, Ducati now extends the concept further with a brand new Multistrada 1200 designed to satisfy the demands of all motorcyclists. Ducati have designed a motorcycle to tackle all kinds of journey and road surface using technology derived from the Bologna made race bikes in MotoGP and World Superbike.
A bike with no limits, that can transform itself to suit the rider's demands, from a supersport to a tourer for long journeys with a passenger and luggage, to an everyday bike which can breeze through the daily commute and also tackle off-road routes with the agility of an enduro; in other words, four bikes in one!
Ducati have once again pushed the limits of motorcycle design by adding Italian innovation to the elegance, style and technology which characterise the motorcycles that leave the Bologna factory.
All it needed was a heart, the perfect engine to fulfill the potential of this new design. The obvious starting point was the World Championship-winning engine, the Testastretta, used on the Superbike 1198. Engineers in Bologna have succeeded in harnessing the immense power of this engine, making it smooth and adaptable to any situation. The new Testastretta 11° engine is thus born, and represents a milestone in combining performance with usability.
2010 Special Editions celebrate the historic Ducati Corse logo change and two world titles in Superbike and Superstock. The 1198 S Corse Special Edition and 1198 R Corse Special Edition, both equipped with factory team-style aluminium fuel tanks, Ducati Traction Control and a special celebratory Ducati Corse livery, now complement the lightweight and agile 848 now in Dark colour scheme, the awesomely powerful 1198, and the high-spec 1198 S to complete the 2010 Superbike model line-up.
There are more exciting new products in the Ducati Hypermotard range that now becomes a fully-fledged family of bikes in 2010. No longer just one, but three versions, designed to suit different needs, but each with the same specific objective: to provide excitement and fun. So here is the new, agile Hypermotard 796, which joins the new and even more powerful Hypermotard 1100EVO as well as the extreme version, the as yet unseen Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP.
Hot on the heels of its early model year 2010 launch in October, the lightweight 796 is now joined by an evolution of the 1100 model that rolls out at an incredible 7kg (15.5lb) lighter and 5hp more powerful than the original.
And if further weight reduction and more punch wasn't already enough on a bike that was built to thrill, the Hypermotard 1100EVO SP pushes the limits even further with a model intended to perform on the track as well as the street.
The exciting introduction to the Monster family for 2010 are the ABS equipped versions of the 696 and 1100 (basic and S), the first time that Ducati has ever equipped the Monster family with a safety-enhancing anti-lock braking system.
Other 2010 introductions to the Monster family include new exhaust guards, which feature a longer shape and provide improved heat protection.
Brand new crankcases for the 696, which are an impressive 1.2kg (2.6lb) lighter and, furthermore, the user-friendliness of the controls has been improved with 4-point adjustable clutch and brake levers to suit all hand sizes.
In addition, Ducati presents many new accessories, special components and a new collection of Ducati clothing.

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Fast Car Insurance

Today everything happens faster than even the speed of light and one say the same when applying for Car Insurance. There are many Insurance Agencies which are offering the service of Fast Car Insurance, thus one can apply for the same in without wasting much of time.

With Fast Car Insurance one can protect his car against unseen disasters like crash, theft, dents, big accidents and so on. One can apply for such quick Insurance after being sure about the Insurance Company’s credibility. To apply for the same one needs to fill in different forms and bring documents depending on which the Agents sells the Insurance.

Not every one can buy this Insurance, as for getting it one needs to have job, be a person of sound mind and have no bad credit history. Before applying for Fast Car Insurance one should always discuss important issues with the Insurance Agents so that all the confusions can be cleared out.

One can apply for Fast Car Insurance not only by visiting the Insurance Companies but also by login on to various Online Car Insurance Application sites. With such type of Insurance one can claim for the money in the fastest manner. So if you want to have money in not time for repairing your damaged car then go in for this type of Car Insurance.

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Problems in Getting Car Insurance for a UK Non Resident

There are many car insurance companies that will refuse to work with non UK residents who need car insurance. Non residents can get around this matter if you are also taking your car from wherever you live to the UK. A UK non resident will be able to travel with their car and keep their car insurance from America, France, or another country that you are originating from.

Other car insurance companies will continue to cover your car as long as you are driving it, no matter what country you are in, but you will want to check with your individual insurance company to see if you need to change you current plan or do anything else in order to stay covered in another country.

Most companies within the UK will not give a non UK resident the ability to get car insurance during their stay, whether it be for a few weeks, months, or even years. In order for a person to get car insurance, as UK non residents will either have to rent a car the whole time that they are in the country, or go without their own car.

Another way to be able to get car insurance coverage in the UK is to get an international driver's license. Remember that many countries around the world will not recognize an American driver's license, but an international one is easy to secure and will let you drive in a number of different countries.

And even though you have an international driver's license, you still may have difficulty getting car insurance. If you are looking to buy a car in the UK, you will need insurance when you buy it. But if you are bringing a car in from another country, you may not have to change your current coverage.

If you do find car insurance, UK non resident fees will probably be much higher than those who have already been driving for a number years within the UK. This goes for people who have a license from a different country, students who have not been driven very long, and other international drivers. The UK road laws are strict about those who have not driven for very long in the UK mainly because most countries in Europe drive on the opposite side of the road, and insurance companies do not want to have to deal with claims due to negligence of this situation.

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Free Car Insurance Quote: A Select Buying an Insurance

In this scenario nearly everyone is the someone of the car. They favour to go anywhere foregather with their cars because of comfort. Free automobile shelter quotes presented by shelter companies also makes it rattling cushy to intend automobile insurance. So with excerpt provided liberated of calculate by shelter companies automobile shelter you crapper acquire without bedevilment most spending. After purchase a automobile shelter excerpt for liberated you crapper savor dynamical on the agency without bedevilment most whatever circumstance of sickness.


Car shelter is the most essential abstract to be owned by the someone of the automobile as it helps to manage with the happening or alteration by providing a counterbalance for it all. Car Insurance provides news in the circumstance of an accident, damage, or thieving of the car. Free automobile shelter quotes prizewinning fashion of availing every the news provided by automobile insurance.


But before gift a liberated automobile shelter quote, shelter companies commonly study whatever base requirements much as country measures installed in your car, period distance cars, etc. the continuance of your automobile if your automobile has country measures are rattling beatific as an anti-theft figure and an crisis signal installed it module support you to verify plus of liberated automobile insurance. How some miles you’ve unvoluntary your automobile is also a anxiety for the shelter consort before providing liberated automobile shelter quote. Cars that hit a modify continuance in the mart is not undefendable to theft, patch a automobile that has a higher continuance is rattling broad in the itemize that was stolen. All these factors condemned into kindness before gift a liberated automobile shelter excerpt by shelter companies.


Various automobile shelter quotes are acquirable on the website of shelter companies because shelter companies allow every the aggregation attendant to automobile shelter liberated excerpt on their website. But unless and until you encounter the automobile shelter liberated excerpt on the internet you module not intend the contract according to your needs and that also foregather your needs perfectly. So for this you foregather hit to hit to go on a see online. You crapper verify a assorted automobile shelter excerpt liberated automobile shelter from different providers. Insurance companies are not live for automobile shelter quotes. You crapper amass innumerous quotes automobile shelter without stipendiary anything and then easily healthy to verify the correct for yourself after doing an analytical comparability of every acquirable liberated excerpt automobile insurance.

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Free Best Car Insurance Canada

Being living in Canada mean you cannot really do away with the car insurance because having car insurance is a part of law here. So, you better be aware because in case you get caught by the Canadian police without having car insurance, you will have to bear heavy consequences. You may not just have to pay considerable amount of fines but considering the situation, you get caught in, even your driving license can be suspended. Now keeping these things in mind, you definitely need to get hold of some car insurance plan but of course considering the high-prices of almost everything all of us want to save money on something at least.

How To Find Free Best Car Insurance Quotes?

Well, over the time the online world has literally taken over almost every field we can think of and hence has made life much more convenient. Now you can get hold of free best car insurance Canada quotes online. You must agree that often the most tiring process of getting a good auto insurance plan is of finding the auto insurance quotes and then selecting the most suitable one. But now with the innumerable insurance quotes comparison sites you can be relieved of your worries. Within the comforts of your home you can search the free best car insurance Canada quotes and then make a choice. Usually these sites do not only provide the quotes but you often get to know a bit about the coverage policies of a few companies as well. For getting further detail, you can always check out the individual company's site. To get to know about the companies in your locality, you just need to provide the zip code on these sites and within no time you will be searching through the quotes they offer without a bit of an effort or a penny spent.

Find Cheap and Best Car Insurance Canada:

This method of shopping around can help you land good and cheap auto insurance. Apart from it, you can always keep a few things in mind as well to find cheap yet good auto insurance. Well, first of all you need to evaluate what type of coverage you really require. Do not befool yourself by getting coverage that you can easily do away with. Other than this, if you have a good driving record and a wonderful credit score, you don't really need to fret about the premiums as they surely will be low for you. Additionally, if you are serious in getting low premiums on your auto insurance, avoid having expensive and highly modified cars.

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